Chefs Association

The Gargano and Capitanata Chefs Association, present in the area since 1971, carries out activities to promote the category, the territory and the protection of the local cultural and food and wine heritage in the world. Over the years he has collaborated with the Province of Foggia for the promotion of food and wine, with the Hotel Institutes for the revaluation of traditional recipes and with the Gargano Park Authority for the creation of the recipe booklet of the municipalities of the Park, he participated in the Road Shows in the European and Non-European Capitals for the promotion of typical products, has collaborated with the Gal Gargano in the promotion and events, with the LAG Meridaunia, with the LAG Daunia Rurale, with the LAG DaunOfantino, with the GAC Gargano Mare, with the GAC of the Lagoons of the Gargano, with the Chamber of Commerce of Foggia and the Puglia Region and many other activities that over the years have always had the aim of protecting and promoting the category and the territory. Discover