Apulian Almond Pastries

THE APULIAN ALMOND PASTRIES are very tasty sweets  ideal to be enjoyed at any time of the year – characterized by a soft and crumbly consistency (thanks, in fact, to the presence of chopped almonds). They really get ready in an instant. From simple to flavored ones, from white ones to those decorated with orange peels and also those covered with chocolate and sliced almonds. It is a sweet surprise that you can give yourself or give away on any occasion to savor all the taste of Apulian pastry.

Ingredients: Almonds, Sugar, Egg White, Vanillin Essence, Candied Fruit, Dark Chocolate.

NB: all pastry products are ordered at the laboratory when ordering. In this way the desserts are absolutely fresh .

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Sweet chatter of carnival lies frappe

The chiacchiere, or bugie, or frappe, are typical Italian sweets usually prepared during the carnival period, also called by many other regional names. this dessert with simple products, are packaged and dusted with the classic icing sugar.

Ingredients: flour (00) , Sugar , Eggs , Melted butter , Salt , Grappa , Skimmed milk , Vanillin , Lemon. icing sugar , Fried with Peanut Oil .

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Handmade Easter Doves

Artisan Easter Doves It is a true artisan creation, not an industrial product: it is produced starting from the receipt of your order. Before being baked all our doves are brushed by hand with a glaze of which we jealously preserve the recipe. Finally garnished with a cascade of almonds and chopped sugar. Naturally leavened bakery confectionery product. Italian gastronomic specialties.

GLAZE:  Egg white, almond flour, aromas.

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Artisan Panettone

Tasty and soft Artisan Panettone with taste, Candied Fruit and Raisins, with Dark Chocolate Pralines, is the special ingredient that enriches and inebriates with its aromas and aromas the recipe of our Panettone. The soft and delicate dough creating a unique bond that gives pleasure to the palate.worked respecting the slow and natural leavening times.

Ingredients : Mix Leavened, Natural Yeast Enervis, Water, Butter, Flour Ancient Tradition Leavened, Sugar, Yolks, Brewer's Yeast, Flavors, Dark Chocolate, Candied Orange, Raisins,

ICING: Egg white, almond flour, aromas.

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INGREDIENTS : Toasted almonds gr. 500, Granulated sugar gr. 500 Flour "00" gr. 500, Bicarbonate, Chocolate in small pieces Orange peel, Lemon peel, Olive oil gr. 50 PROCEDURE : Mix flour, sugar and chopped almonds in equal parts with 100 gr. of dark chocolate, grated lemon and orange peel. Knead with bitter coffee. Add a pinch of baking soda, cut into pieces and bake in a hot oven.

Calcioncelli Hotels

INGREDIENTS: Flour "00" kg. 1 Granulated sugar gr. 200 Whole eggs 2 Olive oil gr. 200 Cinnamon powder Warm white wine PROCEDURE : Knead all the ingredients with warm white wine


INGREDIENTS : Flour "00" kg. 1, Sugar gr. 80 Olive oil gr. 100, Eggs 2, Milk gr. 20 Grappa gr. 20, Cinnamon gr. 5 Vanillin a pinch, White wine Q.B. Honey or alternatively (Cooked wine) Ground toasted almonds. PROCEDURE: Folder with honey or cooked wine: Made the dough with white wine q.b. roll it out finely and cut it into strips with the striped wheel. Twist a strip counterclockwise forming a circle and fry in plenty of hot oil. Finally fill with plenty of honey and chopped nuts; or only with cooked wine.


INGREDIENTS : Flour "00" kg. 1 Granulated sugar gr. 250 , Mielle gr.50 , Olive Oil gr. 150 , Cloves , Cinnamon , 2 grated oranges, One sachet of yeast, alternative a teaspoon Bicarbonate , a teaspoon coffee ́, Vincotto Q-B. PROCEDURE: Knead all the ingredients by gradually adding the vincotto, Let the mixture rest for about half an hour. Cut into pieces and roll out in the shape of a cord of a diameter of a little finger to be wrapped on itself Cooking: 180 ° C for about 15 minutes.

Cicerata dough

INGREDIENTS : Chickpeas kg. 1 (soaked for about 15 hours with a little baking soda and cooked), Cooked wine gr. 300 Granulated sugar gr about 250 Cinnamon powder Dark chocolate gr. 250 (1) orange (1)Grated lemon PROCEDURE: after making the chickpea puree add the other ingredients stirring often The dough must be soft enough, after cooking let cool.

Stuffed hosts

INGREDIENTS: flour 1 kg. of toasted almonds 150 gr. of sugar 1 and 1/4 kg gr. of honey 4 sticks of cinnamon powder 3-4 cloves PROCEDURE: The hosts should be prepared by mixing water and flour until a batter is obtained. With the mass obtained and using the appropriate tool red-hot on the fire, you will get ovoid-shaped pods about 15 centimeters long and 7 wide. Separately pour into a pan, preferably copper, honey, sugar and almonds. Melt everything over a very sweet heat, stirring continuously until the almonds are covered with this thick syrup and begin to crackle. Add the cinnamon and after a last stirring turn off the heat. On a marble surface you will have already laid half of the hosts that you have prepared and on them you will spread the still boiling mixture. With the other half of the hosts covered and to ensure that they stick and remain straight, put a wooden tablet with weights on it. Let cool well and serve.